Monday, July 1, 2013

Lambs Continued...

 Above and below...Henderson, our polled black badger face Icelandic ram lamb.
 His fleece is amazing! For being double-coated...WOW! It is soft and lovely. His confirmation is great and when he looks at you with his big eyes it is all you can do to resist the temptation to love on him!
 Cora, above, is a lovely dark katmoget Shetland ewe lamb. She is one of our keeper lambs.
 Ivory, above, is a sweet white ewe lamb. She has speckles on her legs and face. Ivory is for sale.
 Above is Dexter with his mom, Nala. He is shaping up to be a really nice ram. Dexter is for sale.
 Electra and her daughter having a little snuggle time even though it is very, very hot outside.
 Afternoon rest time in the shade by the creek.
Emmalee says, "What you lookin' at?" She is our only fawn katmoget ewe lamb and we are keeping her around.

If anyone is looking for some fiber pets or breeding animals, we may be able to help you out. We have 2 ram lambs, 1 ewe lamb, and 7 wethers seeking new pastures. :)

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