Friday, January 30, 2015

Just Back From The Mill...

 ...lovely Shetland roving. Frankenmuth Woolen Mill does such an excellent job for us...whether Shetland or Icelandic.
 Creams and greys...such variety.
 Roving is framed by a Shetland lace shawl and a handwoven Shetland rug.
 Icelandic rovings including our 2 black sheep...Moonpie and Birmingham
 Grey on left is Rosaline with white from Emory in back. Fawn colored Quincy on the right.
Lots to if I only had time! Looking forward to lambs in early April...stay tuned!!

1 comment:

Laura C Frazier said...

B-ewe-tiful rovings!
Did you make the shawl?

April seems so far away!