Monday, April 14, 2008

The Score: Rams - 9 Ewes - 7

It was quite the busy day. Of course the weather has turned colder and there were snow flurries. Isn't that just the time to have some lambs?

I received the call that Abby was lambing. Could I get home to make sure everything was fine? Thank goodness I have the last two periods at school free on Mondays.

Abby is a first time mom so of course there is always a little more stress with those births. Who needs me and twin ram lambs were just fine--cleaned up and even nursing. They are cuties. One appears to be black with white all crazy on his head and the other one is moorit, like mom, with a white patch on his head. Names? I don't know yet.

After the usual lamb and mom care (nutridrench for lambs, iodine on belly buttons, and molasses water for mom) I went and checked on the sheep at my parent's where we have 2 more to go. Nothing.

Back at home after school, visiting with Friday's lambs and the new ones, we see that our Shania is showing signs of labor. She is Abby's mother. It was a mother-daughter day.

Between 7 and 8 pm, Shania delivered 2 adorable ewe lambs. Yes, ewe lambs!!!! No pictures yet but they will be called Charlotte and Emily Bronte. One is a moorit smirslet socket- she is brown with white coming down her face and 3 white socks. The other looks to be a grey spotted katmoget. She is light grey on top and black on bottom with a white spot on her forehead. She was still pretty wet so we couldn't tell it there were body spots or not. We couldn't be happier!! Katie finally has some ewes to call her own. Well, partially hers. We used our ram lamb, Razzle, with the hopes of producing some spots with Shania. It worked! A Shetland breeder told us that we had a 50/50 chance and it worked. Pictures will be here tomorrow!!

I did manage to get pictures of Bethia's boys born on Friday. They are Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Again, they look black now but I think they will be grey or emsket.

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